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The internet age has revolutionized the freight market for both Shippers and Carriers. In such a vibrant and fast-growing industry, the freight market can sometimes seem complicated and misty.

At Expertload.com we bridge the gap between Shipper and Carrier, adding much-needed clarity, transparency, and simplicity to the Supply-Chain. We provide a single place where Shippers and Transport Companies can connect with ease.

Shippers list the cargo they want to be carried, and Transport Companies bid to carry it. The power is then with the Shipper to choose the Carrier offering the best value and highest quality. With our premium customer service and easy-to-use digital interface, we make it easier than ever to get involved with the New Age’s most vibrant economy.

Our bidding service caters to both FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments and LTL (Less Than Truck Load) shipments. Transporters can bid on the type of shipments that they prefer to handle, and this provides them with a certain level of control over their workload. However, container shipments are also covered and supported by our platform. This provides you with the ability to find qualified transporters at a price your budget can manage; Regardless of the type of shipment you need transported.

To help aid in providing the highest quality and fastest service possible, we utilize artificial intelligence and algorithm-based search functions to help transporters find your listing and bid on it based on both of your mutual needs. This helps eliminate dead-end bids and wasting time with transporters who aren't the right fit for your needs.

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