Our Features

A Service You Can Trust

Only verified shippers and transport companies have access to our platform. This is crucial for trust between Shipper and Carrier and makes communication between the two frictionless and positive.

Diversity is Key

Ranging from road, rail, and plane, we give unequaled access to an outstanding range of ways to carry your cargo, whatever weight, shape, or size. This makes us a perfect marketplace for the efficient and fast shipment and delivery.

Quick Quotes

Freight costs are constantly changing. Here you can review all the quotes offered, as well as current prices for domestic and international shipping rates. All services provided by the transporters are shown in their offer, and you may also request additional services such as consolidation.

Track Online

You can track the cargo online so that you can see the work in progress. No more guesswork! We are launching a mobile app to make the whole process easier!

Effortless Process

No need to waste your valuable time making calls, missing the loads, keeping everything on track manually... Instead, we have streamlined the entire process for you.

Customer Care

Tel: 1-844-522-7726
Hours: 9am – 5pm
Email: info@expertload.com

Billing and Accounting

Sales : 1-844-522-7726
Accounts Receivable : receivables@experload.com
Accounts Payable : payables@experload.com


Its never been easier to bid, shop and ship. Dont get left behind in the Internet Age.
Ready to see just what Canadian and eco-friendly bidding, shipping and shopping looks like? Get in touch with us at ExpertLoad today and see it in real time for yourself! Since our website is designed for both desktop and mobile use, go ahead and trust whatever use you find most convenient for you.