Our Benefits

Acquire the Perfect Transporter Faster

You do not have time to sit around waiting for someone to carry your freight. Time is money. Our platform allows you to bypass the whole searching part of the process, and you can instantly access a remarkably large number of qualified transporter services, or you can allow them to come to you and bid for your workload. There are enough transporters on the platform that you're guaranteed to find someone willing to carry your freight at a price that meets your budget, and our sophisticated technology helps guide transporters to you to minimize your downtime.

Vetting Transporter Services has Never Been Easier

Regardless of how fast our service works, you don't want to contract a service without understanding who you will be potentially working with. We solve this issue by committing to an initial vetting process of our own to only allow qualified transporters on our platform, but then we also implement bios on the profiles of each transporter company to allow you to see their qualifications and quickly have a deep understanding of how they perform. This is another way that we speed up the process of finding a suitable transporter to save you time and money.

We're Canadian

Firstly, we have our eyes on the right angles. We want to make sure that we can offer reliable and local service to carriers and customers in Canada.  Want an option rather than outsourcing to American companies?  We are it!

We focus on eco-friendly operations

We get that you care about the planet, and so do we. When you go with our services, you’ll see that you are trusting carriers that rely on offering very efficient and eco-friendly services that are backed up with the best technology that is designed to both reduce carbon emissions during transport and help reduce climate change. While many companies will charge a premium for this eco-friendly and green service, this is something that we offer to all our members. You don’t have to compromise cost-effective freight in order to do your part to save the earth. We do it all for you and give you the best benefits possible.

We work with the top movers and shakers

Available in our database are the best Canadian-based carriers that will help you get your supplies to where you need it to go, when you need it to get there. Whether you need FTL, LTL and or even container shipping, we give you verified and diverse shipping options all from carriers that are dedicated to providing professional services to you.

You can see everything online throughout the process

What good is an online hub if you can’t see everything right? Throughout the entire process, you can see and track the progress of your arrangement, complete with 24-hour support from our professional support, so that you stay in charge.

Automated processes

You’ve got things to do, and making calls to arrange shipping and load delivery is not on that list! So, we automate everything and make sure that the entire process is as streamlined and busy schedule-friendly as possible!

Customer Care

Tel: 1-844-522-7726
Hours: 9am – 5pm
Email: info@expertload.com

Billing and Accounting

Sales : 1-844-522-7726
Accounts Receivable : receivables@experload.com
Accounts Payable : payables@experload.com


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