Green Freight

Green Environment: One Platform that keeps green environment evergreen and sustainable for everyone

Expertload ensures efficient transport by bridging the gap between shippers and carriers between different cities in the most transparent way while keeping our green environment evergreen and sustainable for everyone.

We give you the best quality shipping experience with the lowest price quote and at the same time contribute to preserving our precious planet. We think green and so our transport services go green. Our verified shippers and transport companies are backed up with the best technology which ensures fuel-efficient means of transport hence minimize climate change. We are a service you can trust with your cargo since we use top-rated movers and the best carriers.

At almost the same cost, you will get a chance of contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions by choosing the Expertload to move your goods and cargo. All services are verified and approved by us and we ensure only the verified companies can access our platform.

Expertload ensures a simple, transparent, and clear chain for the transport services by offering you a platform to monitor the work in progress. Within a few clicks, we will be able to link you with case match carriers of your choice. By use of artificial intelligence and algorithm-based searches, we make your experience real fast. Transporters bid for the task they can handle and avoid unnecessary contacts by those who may not be qualified.

Regardless of the type of logistics services you need, we promise to link you with transporter(s) that will agree with your price and move your goods to you, thanks to our sophisticated functionality that guides the transporters to you. Expertload encourages their carriers to implement some of the fuel reducing equipment such as:

We are promoting the best shipping services that ensure reduced climate change, highly effective technology, customer satisfaction, and diverse choice for every shipper. Expertload is a service you can trust. We give you quick customer care assistance in case needed and we ensure you do not waste any minute of your day waiting for your logistics. We are simply the best. Why not try us?

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