Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Expertload free to use?
  • No, Experload is not free for users but you can try for one month free of cost.

  • How do I become member of Experload?
  • Simply, choose membership plan and enter all info required and you are all set.

  • What happens after my free one month trial ends?
  • The credit card you have used to sign up for a free membership account will be charged at the end of your free trial period.

  • Why do we need to enter credit card info for sign up?
  • We require your credit card information upon sign up so your membership would automatically continue after your 1 month free trial ends. You can always call us to cancel your membership anytime.

  • Does submitting an inquiry oblige me to pay for it?
  • No, Experload allows you to compare offers but doesn’t oblige you to place any booking or payment

  • Do you verify each forwarder who useExperload?
  • Yes, we verify each partner individually before they can use our platform by checking their credit history and references.When you receive an offer, you can click the company name to view their profile and any ratings they have received from previous work.

  • I mainly import general cargo, are the offers also for small quantities?
  • Yes, you can choose LTL (general cargo) under the ‘cargo type’ option.

  • Is the transport company able to pick up the load directly from the manufacturer?
  • When submitting your inquiry, you can just include such information in the ‘additional information or comments’ option.

  • Is it possible for the forwarding company to make consolidation?
  • Yes, consolidation is one of the elements of services offered by the forwarding companies.

  • FTL, EXW, LTL, HTS, HS I don't quite understand logistics. Where can I look for information?
  • Our free KNOWLEDGE BASE has many articles explaining issues related to international transport.

  • Does the offered price include all-in costs?
  • Yes, all the prices quoted are including all in costs like Fuel Surcharge etc. If there is any special requirement like tail gate delivery etc, it must be specified whenposting quotation.

  • Does Experload service work on smartphones and tablets?
  • Yes, you can use Experload on both your computer and mobile devices.

  • Moving Freight involves lot of paperwork, phone calls and emails. Can we move freight without any phone call?
  • Yes, we have streamlines the whole process and you will get all quotes online where you can review all quotes and pick the best offer.

  • How are you different from other load boards?
  • At Expertload, No need to waste your valuable time making calls, missing the loads, Instead, we have streamlined the entire process for you from quote to booking.

  • Who pays to carrier?
  • The Shipper will pay directly to carrier.We just connect shippers to carriers directly and all transactions are done directly between shipper and carrier.

  • Who decides on shipping rates?
  • Carriers decide the rate that works best for them at that given time. The rates given are in real time so the rates can change from one day to another.

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